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DNXSYS™ cloud security

Get your organisation the multi-layered security!!
Let DNXSYS™ cloud security be your first step towards cloud infra adoption. Works well with
traditional on-premises security setups.


The "Cloud Native" Security Solution

DNXSYS™ cloud security is "cloud native" security approach and a framework.


Edge Routers

Edge Routers enable customers continuous access to their Cloud Security Gateways (CSGs)
in plug-n-play mode.


Traditional security
-not for cloud !

Existing on-premises security methodologies,
which worked well till recently;
do not work in cloud.
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DNXSYS™ cloud security works for on-premises (and hybrid) setup too!

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IoT Containers


Why Security Gateways in cloud?

What are Cloud Security Gateways (CSGs or CASB)?

Why do organizations need CSG?

Five reasons companies must deploy CSGs to secure it's users, network and critical IT assets in the cloud.

What is DNXSYS™ cloud security solution?

What is cloud security afterall? Why your organization require it? Find out.

What is SaaS delivery model?

DNXSYS™ cloud security instances -deployed in SaaS model for delivery. Some other models work well too. Check out more.

DNXSYS™ cloud security feature highlights

DNXSYS™ cloud security monitors in-premises and cloud based all network traffics. Secures IT assets, enforces corporate IT policies, detect/prevents intrusion and generates alerts.

  • Capable of inline SSL traffic inspection. Thereby provide live SSL sessions feedback using some sophisticated algorithms.
  • A "cloud native" security gateway. It enhances corporate wide overall security, control and monitoring capability of their IT assets.
  • It masks and can provides parallel accesses to IT servers, thereby optimizes network traffic distributions with outstanding performance.

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